School in School Years

Elementary school probably had the largest influence on my life from Kindergarten to fifth grade. All of my teachers influenced me in different ways, but the teacher that stands out most in my mind is Mr. Brown. Being the ELP math teacher, he was the one that got me interested in Engineering, and triggered my great (extremely nerdy) love for math. The other teacher that influenced me greatly was Mrs. Boatwright. Also an ELP teacher, she pulled the group out of class once a week for reading ELP. Her influence largely taught me responsibility and doing the assigned work on time, because it only took one instance of me not reading the assigned chapters and I was too afraid to do it again. Of course, all of my teachers taught me different things, whether it was being slightly more aggresive to avoid being pushed around, or being more open about my feeling on certain topics, elementary school had a great influence on me, and without having the teachers that I did, I would be a much more passive person, lacking one very importnant passion of mine.


About maddyrose14

I'm a, yea. Math, science, hey, I've wanted to be an Engineer since I was in third grade. A nuclear Engineer since fifth grade. A nuclear reactor engineer since sixth grade. My free time is spent with my nose in a book, of any kind. Except those books like the clique (Waste of murdered trees...seriously!). And then there is the writing. Nothing signifigant. I've been told I'm pretty good, but it's just a hobby. Fantasy, shorts, sci-fi, realistic fiction, you name it, I write it. And enjoy writing it. Add music (piano, bass guitar, hammer dulcumer, trumpet, and ukulele), dance, choir, and you have one freakish, one-of-a-kind person! And that's me!
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