Peers in Toddler Years

When I was a toddler, I started to come in contact with more kids my age. Mainly in preschool, I learned to make friends and get along with people. Their influence was very prominent in my growth as a person and I know that I started to be slightly harder to deal with because of some of my friends. No matter what my peers taught me, or told me was right, my family’s influence was still much more prominent in my life. What few peers I had influenced me to be more ornery, but my parents easily swooped in with damamge control and taught me otherwise.


About maddyrose14

I'm a, yea. Math, science, hey, I've wanted to be an Engineer since I was in third grade. A nuclear Engineer since fifth grade. A nuclear reactor engineer since sixth grade. My free time is spent with my nose in a book, of any kind. Except those books like the clique (Waste of murdered trees...seriously!). And then there is the writing. Nothing signifigant. I've been told I'm pretty good, but it's just a hobby. Fantasy, shorts, sci-fi, realistic fiction, you name it, I write it. And enjoy writing it. Add music (piano, bass guitar, hammer dulcumer, trumpet, and ukulele), dance, choir, and you have one freakish, one-of-a-kind person! And that's me!
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