Mass media in Birth-Toddler years

When I was little, our television was nothing more than one channel. We didn’t listen to the radio, instead we had tapes that we listened to. Digital mass media was not a large part of my life, but my mom sang to us a lot, and every night we would read at least one book. One song that I know for sure was a large part of my childhood was the song mister sandman by the chordettes. I don’t know what drove my mom to singing it for the first time, but soon that was my favorite song, even as a little kid. Books played a huge role in my childhood. One book that my mom admited she eventually started to hide in order to avoid having to read it again, was The Foot Book, by Dr. Suess. Of course, my sister and I loved books like Pat the Bunny. The only shows that I know for sure we watched were Sesame Street and Cow and Chicken, and we watched both more times than I can count. Obviously, mass media did not have much of an influence on my life when I was really young. If it did, it taught me to count and know which things are not like the others. 🙂


About maddyrose14

I'm a, yea. Math, science, hey, I've wanted to be an Engineer since I was in third grade. A nuclear Engineer since fifth grade. A nuclear reactor engineer since sixth grade. My free time is spent with my nose in a book, of any kind. Except those books like the clique (Waste of murdered trees...seriously!). And then there is the writing. Nothing signifigant. I've been told I'm pretty good, but it's just a hobby. Fantasy, shorts, sci-fi, realistic fiction, you name it, I write it. And enjoy writing it. Add music (piano, bass guitar, hammer dulcumer, trumpet, and ukulele), dance, choir, and you have one freakish, one-of-a-kind person! And that's me!
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